Crusaders AMP Ministries


Who we Are

Pathfinder and Adventurers are worldwide organizations of young people sponsored by the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. Programs include camping, age-appropriate leadership training, community outreach, interactive training modules, and awards in a positive, encouraging learning environment.


The Master Guide ministry continues to be the highest level of leadership within the Adventurer/ Pathfinder/Youth programs. It focuses on one’s personal spiritual life and growth first and foremost. General leadership skills are then woven into the sharpening of those skills, which are specifically geared to leading youth in God-ordained areas of development: understanding God’s world of nature, outreach ministry, service to others, and a life-style that denotes healthy living.


You can find specific information for each of these three clubs in the pages below:

Crusaders Adventurer Club

Crusaders Pathfinder Club

Crusaders Master Guide Club


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